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    Forthcoming Papers  
  • "Investment in Emerging Markets: We are not in Kansas Anymore… or Are We?" by Nicolas Magud (International Monetary Fund) and Sebastian Sosa (International Monetary Fund) View Paper
  • "Decelaration in Female Labor Force Participation in Latin America" by Leonardo Gasparini (CEDLAS-UNLP and CONICET) and Mariana Marchionni (CEDLAS-UNLP and CONICET) View Paper
  • "Estimating the Short-Run Effect on Market-Access of the Construction of Better Transportation Infrastructure in Mexico" by Fernando Perez-Cervantes (Banco de Mexico) and Aldo Sandoval Hernandez (Banco de Mexico and University of Western Ontario) View Paper
  • "Are Tax Credits Effective in Developing Countries? The Uruguayan Experience" by Cecilia Llambi (CAF, Development Bank of Latin America and CINVE), Andres Rius (IECON, FCEA Un. de la Republica), Fedora Carbajal (CINVE), Paula Carrasco (IECON, FCEA Un. de la Republica) and Paola Cazulo (CINVE) View Paper
  • "The Micro-D Classification: A New Approach to Identifying Differentiated Exports" by Juan Carlos Hallak (Universidad de San Andres), Federico Bernini (Universidad de San Andres), Julia Gonzalez (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), and Alejandro Vicondoa (European University Institute) View Paper

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