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    Forthcoming Papers  
  • "Cash Transfers in Latin America: Effects on Poverty and Redistribution" by Veronica Amarante (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean) and Martin Brun (Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean) View Paper
  • "How Sensitive is Regional Poverty Measurement in Latin America to the Value of the Poverty Line" by R. Andres Castañeda (World Bank), Leonardo Gasparini (CEDLAS), Santiago Garriga (Paris School of Economics), Leonardo R. Lucchetti (World Bank) and Daniel Valderrama (Georgetown University) View Paper
  • "Homicides and the Age of Criminal Resposibility: A Density Discontinuity Approach" by Francisco J.M. Costa (FGV EPGE), João S. de Faria (FGV EPGE), Felipe S. Iachan (FGV EPGE) and Barbara Caballero (Instituto de Segurança Pública-RJ) View Paper
  • "Fool’s Gold: Currency Devaluations and Stock Prices of Multinational Companies Operating in Venezuela" by Miguel Angel Santos (Harvard University), Carlos Albert Molina (Instituto de Estudios Superiores en Administracion), and Dany Bahar (The Brookings Institute) View Paper
  • "Downward Wage Rigidities in the Mexican Labor Market (1996-2011)" by Laura Juarez (El Colegio de Mexico) and Daniel Casarin de la Cabada (Banco de Mexico) View Paper
  • "I Sell my Vote, and so What? Incidence, Social Bias and Correlates of Clientelism in Colombia" by Leopoldo Fergusson (Universidad de los Andes), Carlos Molina (Universidad de los Anges) and Juan Felipe Riano (University of British Columbia) View Paper
  • "Informality and Optimal Public Policy" by David Bardey (Universidad de los Andes/Toulouse School of Economics) and Daiel Mejia (Universidad de los Andes) View Paper

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