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    Forthcoming Papers  
  • "Short and Long-Run Distributional Impacts of COVID-19 in Latin America" by Nora Lustig (Tulane University), Valentina Martinez Pabon (Tulane University), Guido Neidhöfer (ZEW Mannheim) and Mariano Tommasi (Universidad de San Andres)View Paper
  • "#StayAtHome: Social Distancing Policies and Mobility in Latin America and the Caribbean" by J. Daniel Aromi (UBA, UCA), Maria P. Bonel (IIEP-BAIRES), Julian Cristia (Inter-American Development Bank), Martin Llada (IIEP-BAIRES), Juan Pereira (Catholic University of Uruguay), Xiomara Pulido (Inter-American Development Bank) and Julieth Santamaria (University of Minnesota) View Paper
  • "Long-run economic losses from COVID-related preprimary program closures in Latin America and the Caribbean" by Florencia Clara Lopez Boo (Inter-American Development Bank), Jere R. Behrman (University of Pennsylvania) and Claudia Vazquez (University of San Andres) View Paper
  • "The impact of the Covid pandemic public policies in Chile on consumption" by Carlos Madeira (Central Bank of Chile) View Paper
  • "The socioeconomics of COVID and lockdowns outside advanced economies: the case of Bogota" by Marcela Eslava (Universidad de Los Andes), Oscar Becerra (Universidad de los Andes), Juan Camilo Cárdenas (Universidad de Los Andes), Margarita Isaacs (Universidad de Los Andes) and Daniel Mejia (Universidad de los Andes) View Paper
  • "The Yield Spread as a Predictor of Economic Activity in Mexico: The Role of the Term Premium" by Raul Ibarra (Banco de Mexico) View Paper
  • "Authorities' Fiscal Forecasts in Latin America: Are They Optimistic?" by Metodij Hadzi-Vaskov(International Monetary Fund),Luca Antonio Ricci (International Monetary Fund), Alejandro Werner (Peterson Institute for International Economics) and Nayib Rene Zamarripa (Central Michigan University) View Paper
  • "The Scars of Civil War: The Long-term Welfare Effects of the Salvadoran Armed Conflict " by Pablo Acosta (World Bank), Javier Baez (World Bank), German Daniel Caruso (World Bank) and Carlos Carcach (ESEN) View Paper
  • "Skills and Selection into Teaching: Evidence from Latin America" by Ricardo Estrada (CAF-Development Bank of Latin America) and Maria Lombardi(Universidad Torcuato Di Tella) View Paper
  • "Inequality and Crime in Latin America and the Caribbean: New Data for an Old Question" by Ernesto Schargrodsky (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella)and Lucia Freira (Universidad Torcuato Di Tella) View Paper

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